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Sauce King Brand, Inc. is currently featuring Alma Mae’s Mambo Sauce. The recipe was discovered by accident and painstakingly developed over time.  Mambo Sauce was originally intended to be used on pork slow roasted or smoked after basting on a spit like a barbecue sauce. Lately, however, Mambo Sauce is finding a home in the barbeque world, on the grill, tailgating at sporting events, holiday cookouts, as a bbq condiment, as a marinade, a seasoning, at the family picnic, as a vegetable sauce, and even in some Texas chili or chilli if you prefer. Alma Mae’s Mambo Sauce has a not too sweet tangy flavor that will complement chicken, beef, pork, veggies, pizza, any food especially ribs. From Louisiana to Washington South to North East to West, Mambo Sauce is quickly in everyone’s top 10.  Try some today. You can buy here online. You’ll be back for more! “We guarantee …”